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                                            "Winning litigation is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration."

The motto “99% perspiration and 1% inspirations” has been the way of the best trial lawyers for decades – from Clarence Darrow to Johnny Cochran.  Success in the courtroom is based on investigation and preparation.


For many of you success in litigation can be of life or death importance.  Whether you’re facing prosecution for alleged organized crime or white collar offenses, or you’re facing a large complex civil action such as a RICO – your time, your life and your family’s security are all on the line.  Federal time is high and the government shows no mercy.  The same can be said about corporations that bring RICO or similar type actions.  Corporate lawyers will put your family on the street and celebrate their accomplishment. 


When a lawyer litigates high stake complex cases from RICO to money laundering that attorney must find the evidence that: 1) supports your defenses and; 2) punches holes into your adversary’s case.  For example by the time of trial we know every fact that will destroy the credibility of an adversary’s witnesses.  The facts are out there.  You just have to know where and how to look.  From an FBI Agent that planted evidence to a notary that admitted that a will was not signed by the deceased but rather a distant relative’s lawyer – we have found it, used it and won.


The big money adversary will attempt to intimidate you, force you to talk or to surrender.  It is therefore an absolute must – whether you face the government or a large corporation such as an insurance company – that your lawyers come out of the gate strong.  From the start to the finish your lawyers must constantly increase the pressure. 


But throughout all of this warfare – litigation is warfare – your attorneys must never make the battle with your adversary personal.  Fierce litigation tactics combined with cordial personal relations will often conclude a case on favorable terms through a well tailored plea bargain or settlement.  Limiting risk with acceptable loses.


We’re proud that the government routinely attempts to get our firm removed from a case.  Sometimes they attempt to have us “conflicted out” as they say.  The same way they removed John Gotti’s lawyer.  In other instances the government has made false and outlandish allegations against our investigations.  The government has even threatened to prosecute us because we are successfully destroying the credibility of their case and their special agents through relentless investigation.  [See the attached example which consists of 1) A letter motion drafted by the government in a high profile EDNY case to the Court wherein the government asserts that there is attorney-investigator misconduct which warrants a special hearing.  A reading of the letter makes it clear that the government is trying to get the defendant to replace his defense team; 2) A letter in response by the defendant’s lead counsel explaining that the government is attempting to “chill” the defendant’s investigation; 3) A reply by the government further describing alleged misconduct – pay special attention to the final paragraph of page 4 and the first paragraph of page 5 where the government makes incredible assertions that members of the Zuppa Firm and Raymond Zuppa himself appeared at witnesses’ Brooklyn apartments at 3:00 a.m. displaying badges and guns.  The Court rejected the government’s arguments.  In making such desperate assertions the government demonstrated that the Zuppa Firm’s investigation of their unsavory tactics was proving to be damaging to the government’s case.  In fact the Zuppa Firm’s investigation played a large part in the verdict where the defendant was found not guilty of homicide and related charges] 


The bad guys own the police, the FBI, the IRS, etc.  But they do not own the jury. As such the key to your freedom is winning the hearts and minds of the jury.  Your lawyer must know how to talk to a jury; talk to a jury like he or she would talk to a neighbor.  Our lawyers and investigators are the jury.  Regular people that love sports, family, food and drink. 


All of what we’ve talked about has been the secret of our success.  It is mostly a quiet success because we hit hard and keep hitting until they let you go.  You walk away quietly.  We avoid the headlines and get you back to where you belong – with your family and your business.


In fact most of our success goes totally unnoticed.  That’s because we have the ability to know when something bad is coming and to get you out before it arrives.  That includes big government prosecutions and big corporation white collar suits like RICO actions.  As we tell our clients – “You better change the way you do business or you will be out of business.”


Read the pages of this website closely.  Call us.  Come talk to us.  Ask about us.  This may be the most important decision of your life.