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PART I: Oh Suffolk County ... HOW Fucked Up Are You

This is part one in a series covering the degeneracy of Suffolk County – not just law enforcement and politics – but the county itself … all of it. This first part contains necessary background. Most of the material in this first part is all public knowledge appearing in Court filings and multiple news stories. But some of the material below has never seen the light of day. That material is heavy. All of it is heavy. In the coming installments there will be nothing but factual material. All of it disturbing. Much of it revealed for the very first time.

So let us start.

There is really not much good you can say about a county where the Chief of Police does four years in Federal Prison for torturing and beating a young man who is addicted to drugs – one of the many in “affluent” Smithtown. The beating and torture took place in a Smithtown/Hauppauge precinct house and was viewed by droves of police officers and detectives. As it turned out the addicted young man – Christopher Loeb – swiped the Chief of Police’s duffel bag from the Chief’s unlocked SUV. The bag contained sex toys and unspeakably heinous porn. The Chief of Police – the infamous James Burke who also resides in Smithtown – had a long history of rough kinky sex with drug addicted prostitutes. Burke actually engaged in drug trafficking while on duty with one of the prostitutes. These prostitutes also swiped things from him too, like his service revolvers – all of which was known by higher ups. Yet his career sky rocketed.

As Burke bashed his fist into Loeb’s face Burke screamed death threats at Loeb, promising to give him a “hot shot.” A “hot shot” is a fatally powerful dose of heroin. The use of the term by Burke implies that a "hot shot" is something that Burke has either done before or seen done before. When Loeb shot back that Burke was a pervert because Burke kept heinous porn and sex toys in his vehicle, the police chief’s attack became insane. Another detective had to pull Burke off.

“Boss that’s enough, that’s enough,” the officer said.

Loeb settled his civil rights case with Suffolk County for 1.5 million tax payer dollars. Meanwhile Suffolk taxpayers fork over $145,485.00 a year to Burke to pay Burke’s pension. Suffolk County law enforcement is the gift that always keeps taking from Suffolk County tax payers.

If the above isn’t bad enough the County’s District Attorney is standing trial – as I write this – in Federal Court for covering up the torture/beating and covering up the cover up; in a case that he should have prosecuted. Suffolk voters gave this man four bipartisan terms – he was cross endorsed by Republicans and Democrats.

To make matters worse the Chief of Police – Burke – is a suspect in a string of serial sex killings of sex workers. These killings have strewn a section of prime Suffolk County beach land with rotting bodies and body parts literally hanging from bushes and low lying trees.

Meanwhile the former Police Commissioner and District Attorney squabbled about whether there even was a serial killer. So far at least 17 victims have been identified: 15 female sex workers; A male sex worker dressed as a female; And a toddler – a slain female sex worker's child.

Despite all of the above District Attorney Thomas Spota had this to say:

"It is clear that the area in and around Gilgo Beach has been used to discard human remains for some period of time," As distasteful and disturbing as that is, there is no evidence that all of these remains are the work of a single killer."

It has now been admitted by all relevant law enforcement that it is the work of a single serial killer.

District Attorney Spota has done much to protect the identity of the killer. Spota and Burke literally kicked the federal government – the FBI and its profilers and first rate forensic teams – as well as the U.S. Attorney’s Office, off the investigation of the murders just as progress was being made. The progress included a theory that the killings were probably committed by someone who worked in law enforcement. Yet Suffolk County law enforcement simply stopped working with the “Feds” – this included the sharing of information. The infiltration of federal law enforcement in Suffolk – the Eastern District of New York – by Suffolk County politics is going to be discussed in this series. The point is that the so called “feds” were probably easy to get rid of.

Right now the Gilgo Beach serial killer case is one of the worst unsolved crimes in the nation. No one is really investigating it. The killings did suddenly seem to stop when Burke went to prison. Well he’s out now. And one can almost see the sex killer prancing around the beaches and manicured lawns of Suffolk County dumping body parts.

District Attorney Spota and Chief Burke also eliminated the Eastern District – a.k.a. – “Feds” from the active gang task force because they did not want them near the corruption; beatings; illegal wiretaps; politically motivated false arrests and malicious prosecutions; mayhem and murder that we are going to cover. As a result MS-13 exploded in Suffolk County and the bodies of Hispanic and African American teens were spread across the less “affluent” parts of Suffolk County. All of the victims were good kids working to have a future. No one really cared except their loved ones.

This is the same District Attorney – Spota – that was friends with a horror show of a man that owned a nursing home service. In March 2007, Spota indicted ten nurses and their immigration attorney after the nurses quit their jobs at Avalon Gardens Rehabilitation and Health Care Center in Smithtown – again Smithtown; it seems that my town is the very epicenter of shit. The nurses, Filipino immigrants recruited by the nursing home company SentosaCare of Woodmere, resigned together in April of 2006, because of bad working conditions and disputes over pay and benefits.

SentosaCare officials met with Spota – their friend – the next month. The nurses right to quit – can you imagine “quitting a job” has to be declared a right – had earlier been approved by the State Education Department. That is the agency tasked with regulating health care providers. Nevertheless the nurses were arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of the nursing home’s clients. The immigration attorney, who advised the nurses of their right to resign, was also charged with criminal solicitation. These were the first such charges in the state, and they sparked an outcry from groups in the Philippines and in New York.

After lengthy proceedings the case reached the state's Appellate Division. The Appellate Division declared that the criminal proceedings were unconstitutional because they violated the nurses' rights to be free from slavery.

Hundreds of thousands of lives were lost proving the same point over a century earlier and we have a Constitutional Amendment that is over a century old that says that slavery is illegal.

But according to DA Spota and the voters who supported him slavery was legal in Suffolk County.

Suffolk is a county that draws lines on maps to designate where blacks can live; where Hispanics can live; where Asians can live; and areas that are off limits to all people except whites. It is a truly unique place that should be transported to rural Kentucky during Reconstruction.

There are many who say that Spota and Burke are “just the tip of the iceberg.” They are wrong. Spota and Burke are but a crystal of ice on the continent of Antarctica.

In this series we are going to go deep into what is going on in Suffolk. Over the next installments we are going to concentrate on two actual cases that I worked on. First these two cases are a good vehicle for exposing Suffolk County’s perverse culture of degeneracy because they demonstrate that such depraved debasement is but common place. Secondly the cases opened up a window into acts of grotesque inhumanity in high profile cases.

For example in one of the cases that I worked on I had the opportunity to interview a witness that had much to tell about a totally unrelated case that made headlines. The case was even featured on true crime television shows and news shows. That is the case of Martin Tankleff.

I spoke with a man named Joseph “Joey” “Guns” Creedon.

Before I spoke to Creedon the man had made numerous admissions to witnesses in the 440 hearing seeking to exonerate Martin Tankleff for the murder of his parents Seymour and Arlene Tankleff. The murders occurred when Mr. Tankleff was a teenager decades ago. In fact Creedon had boasted for decades to many people – including some I talked to – about being the actual killer. In fact, Creedon admitted to the killings even as he burned his blood stained clothes in the first couple of hours after the murders.

Creedon’s accomplices also admitted to their roles in the murders and fingered Creedon and another accomplice as the actual killers. There were look outs and a get away driver, etc.

Meanwhile a young man languished in prison for 17 years for a crime that he did not commit. He was framed by Suffolk Law Enforcement for money. He was kept in prison by District Attorney Spota because Spota had represented the Suffolk County detective, K. James McCready, that framed Martin Tankleff. Spota had also represented the drug dealing father and son duo that hired Creedon and his accomplices to kill Seymour and Arlene Tankleff – that would be Jerry Steuerman and his son Todd Steuerman. Jerry and Todd also hired their friend and fellow Spota client, Suffolk Police Det. K. James McCready to frame Martin Tankleff – much more of this sordid nearly four decade conspiracy of sleaze to come. In fact there are trusted sources that recount that Spota’s law partner – a former Suffolk County prosecutor – received his fatal dose of cocaine from the Steuermans. I guess that would be a "hot snort." That does not say much about Spota’s private law practice and what the Steuermans might have had on Spota who is a well known substance abuser.

But when I spoke with Selden’s own Joey Guns Creedon it was about another case. But the ghosts of Tankleff lingered like an 800 pound gorilla. Joey Guns despite warnings from his attorney had to talk. With regard to his many admissions that he murdered the Tankleffs, Joey Guns Creedon discussed a visit by a high profile Suffolk County Detective who is now an elected government official – let us call him “Cowboy” because that was the nick name our legal team gave him.

Creedon told me that Detective Cowboy and other members of the Suffolk County Police Force apprehended Creedon and beat him. Creedon was told by Cowboy and the cops to keep his mouth shut about the Tankleff killings – to stop claiming that he killed the Tankleffs for the Steuermans – or Creedon would face a far more violent consequence ... his death.

Creedon stated in part: "with that thing they threw in the big guns right away to come talk to me ... you know what I mean ... I want to keep a low profile. I am almost 50 now."

Creedon then once again admitted to the killing. With regard to the detective Cowboy that visited him, Creedon finished by stating: "I can give you a lot on [the detective]. That guy did a lot of bad things. He kicked down a lot of doors without a warrant and searched through things. I don't want to talk too much in the open.” I corroborated all of the above as we will see.

District Attorney Spota and Police Chief Burke are probably two of the most disgusting evil humans on earth. But what can you say about the County that put them in power. Not just the political machines and the police unions. But the rank and file citizens of this county called Suffolk. Many of these people – far from all but very many – lack the mental capacity to handle the responsibilities of living in a democracy. They are a people in search of a trailer park; a cousin to fornicate with; and some skoal to spit in a jar. Then there are the rest of us that are forced to sit with them in the stands at our children's sporting events as they scream obscenities and criticize everyone from the officials to the coaches -- to your own child.

For the most part names will be changed to protect the innocent from retaliation. The fear is palpable to this day. The same machine controls Suffolk. The new District Attorney Timothy Sini was the former Police Commissioner before he became District Attorney. Before being Police Commissioner Sini was an Assistant US Attorney from the Eastern District. Sinni was made District Attorney by the same corrupt party boss and police unions.

In any event the names of most of the high profile officials will be divulged. Somewhere down the road every public official will be named.

Stay tuned …

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