We only handle complex criminal cases.  The type of cases where the potential prison time is large.  Some of our cases involve entire task forces composed of both Federal and State agencies investigating and prosecuting our clients.  Like a recent case that involved the Federal Bureau of Investigation, New York City Police Department, the Internal Revenue Service, other state agencies and powerful corporate investigators.  The prosecution used over 20 wiretaps; electronic bugging including audio and audio-video; other forms of electronic surveillance, undercovers and multiple informants.


The client faced 177 counts.  After a one and half years of suppression hearings we were able to walk him out of court without a day of jail or even a day of probation.  And we got back the money that the government seized. 


Every week brings us a new client in peril.  Be it the FBI, the IRS and now the all-powerful United States Department of Homeland Security.


Today the opportunity for a person engaged in a successful business to become the target of powerful government/corporate entities cannot be underestimated. Too often these government/corporate interests seek headlines, political gain, the monetary support of corporate allies and your scalp.  Justice is often the last thing on law enforcement’s mind.


Criminal cases are often “trial by ambush.”  There is very little opportunity to obtain discovery – to view the government’s evidence before trial and to prepare for it.


As a result the Criminal Division spends a good time working with our Investigative Bureau. Together we often derail most of the government’s case, if not all of their case, by finding evidence of the unsavory tactics and persons that the government has utilized in making its case.


Time and time again our investigative work has beaten powerful Federal and State investigators to the evidence and the witnesses.  That’s when it gets fun.  When the government intimidates a witness into lying but we have the witness’ true statement on tape and ready for the court house.


We’re proud of the fact that on a number of occasions the government has threatened to arrest members of the investigative team – including law firm founder Raymond Joseph Zuppa – for trumped up charges of obstruction of justice and others.  This has been done in an attempt to intimidate our law firm to cease its investigation.  We will not be intimidated.  And we were quite successful in completing our assigned mission as part of a dream team of lawyers and investigators.  See, e.g. United States v. Rodney A. Morrison, 04-CR-699 (DRH) (Eastern District of New York)


Just months ago a client who refused to talk to Federal Agents upon our firm’s advice was illegally approached by FBI and IRS agents.  They had already questioned the client’s 80 year old mother who had recently had a mastectomy due to breast cancer.  The client took our firm’s advice and reiterated his refusal to talk.  He over heard the IRS Agent tell the FBI Agent that “we have to get this Zuppa off the case.  He’s protecting his client.”  Zuppa was threatened by both the FBI and the IRS.  But he refused to be intimidated.  A number of calls and a formal written report ended the problem – for now at least.  We always remain vigilant.


These are the limited types of cases that we specialize in:


Organized Crime




Tax Evasion


Murder/Murder For Hire


Money Laundering


Cases Involving Complex Surveillance






Business Structuring and Restructuring to Avoid Indictment

Raymond Zuppa