We only handle complex litigation.  The type of litigation where your business, your family’s security and all that you have worked so hard for is on the line.   


Whether you were robbed by a complex investment scam; or a large corporation is trying to take everything you own in a Civil RICO action.  These are the types of cases we work on.


We handle them the only way we know how.  We start fiercely and get more ferocious each day.  We recognize that everyone has a pain threshold.  We attempt to reach that threshold early in the litigation to force favorable terms without engaging in a prolonged expensive war.


Litigation is warfare.  If your opponent seeks your destruction and will not act rationally then we do what we must do to destroy your opponent.  We do this through a combination of large scale investigation and out of the box litigation.  We find the hidden bodies; the skeletons in the closets – and we make sure they see the light of day.   As the great Civil War Major General William Tecumseh Sherman stated:  “War is the remedy our enemy has chosen.  Let us give him all that he can handle.”


These are the limited types of cases that we specialize in:




Actions against Insurance Companies


Actions defending against Insurance Companies




1983 Actions


Complex Commercial Litigation


Consumer Protection


Business Structure/Compliance